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Accident countermeasures and truck company negligence (Part 2)

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association promotes strategies that truck drivers and truck companies can use to help reduce the risks of accidents and injuries in certain situations. We'll continue our earlier discussion of truck accident countermeasures case studies this week, with the understanding that the information is intended to be general in nature and not as specific legal advice.

Accident countermeasures and truck company negligence (Part 1)

The presence of trucks and tractor-trailers on the roads and highways today is a fact of life. Given this, Denver residents may sometimes feel that a certain level of risk from these vehicles is also just a part of life. To a certain extent, that's true, but there are also defensive strategies that truck drivers and trucking companies can use to help prevent truck accidents wherever possible.

Self-driving trucks: the answer to truck accidents?

When truck drivers drive negligently, the results can be catastrophic. Despite federal trucking regulations governing drivers as well as trucking companies, many still drive drowsy, under the influence of drugs (prescription or otherwise) or take dangerous actions behind the wheel that lead to truck accidents with serious injuries or deaths resulting. New technology, however, has some observers cautiously optimistic that it could make the roads safer for drivers in Denver and across the country who must share the road with tractor-trailers.

Factors that can lead to dangerous truck accidents

Large commercial vehicles are often seen by Denver drivers as they commute down the city's highways. Often delivering goods to stores throughout the metropolitan area these trucks stand out due to the massive sizes. Although they operate on the same roads as private vehicles and are subject to many of the same traffic laws, large trucks are very different from the smaller automobiles they encounter each and every day.

Liability in commercial truck accidents

Accidents involving trucks are inherently more dangerous than other types of motor vehicle accidents for the simple reason that trucks are so much larger and heavier than other vehicles on the road. A commercial truck accident also adds an additional layer of legal complexity to a lawsuit to recover damages.

Trucker drivers' hours of service must be recorded in driving log

When Denver residents get behind the wheels of their cars, their ability to drive for as long as they want is generally limited only by their levels of focus and energy. This is not the case for truck drivers, however, who, in most cases, must comply with hours of service limitations. Hours of service driving limits can cut off the number of hours that truck drivers are behind the wheels of their rigs even if they think they feel well enough to continue.

What rules are there about truck drivers' qualifications?

Denver residents share the road with lots of trucks each day. Trucks are necessary in bringing goods to and from Colorado but they can be considered an obstacle. If a driver is involved in a truck accident that involves a large truck, it can cause serious injuries or even death. With this in mind, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set regulations for drivers of these big rigs.

Why truck accidents are often catastrophic

Many of us are on the roads so often that we may take trucks for granted. There is no doubt that trucks play an enormous role in our society, transporting everything from furniture and appliances, construction, supplies and almost all the food and produce we see on the grocery shelves each and every. But if you step back and consider that nearly every aisle of every store is stocked with products that were brought to the store via truck, you can see that adds up to a lot of product.

Truck drivers susceptible to dangerous sleep disorder

We all know that fatigue can wreak havoc on our physical and cognitive abilities. As such, it's never a good idea to drive when we are overly tired. But unfortunately, truck drivers are often under great pressure to get their loads delivered in a timely manner and may forgo getting the rest they need to stay while sharp behind the wheel.

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