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Symptoms of a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Depending on countless factors from the types of vehicles involved to the speed at which they were traveling, a collision can result in devastating injuries. Vehicle occupants can suffer broken bones, spinal cord damage, amputation or paralysis. Numerous types of impacts can lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Workplace injuries can be caused by equipment failure

While workers in any career can suffer accident injuries, muscle strains or toxic exposure, those who work in factories or construction risk getting hurt on nearly every shift. Unfortunately, numerous accidents occur due to various pieces of equipment failing while in use.

New test dummy created to represent toddler in crash simulations

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is now using a crash test dummy designed to represent a 3-year-old child in side impact crash tests. It is the first dummy of its kind in federal regulations, and it will be used to test how effective certain child safety seats are in this type of crash.

According to NHTSA, about 40% of fatalities to children ages 0 to 8 who were sitting in the back seat are the result of a side impact collision. This equals about 200 kids in the United States each year. Side-impact collisions can cause more severe injuries than frontal collisions cause, and they do not need to occur at high speeds to cause these severe injuries.

3 ways toxic chemicals can enter a worker's body

Workers and supervisors might both work hard to reduce on-the-job accidents such as slip-and-falls and vehicle accidents. Through safety training and personal protective equipment, workplaces might see a reduction in serious accidents. However, it is not uncommon for employees to suffer dangerous exposure without even realizing it.

Healthcare workers susceptible to workplace assaults

Healthcare workers are at high risk of facing violent assaults in the workplace. Since nurses and aides typically have the most regular contact with patients, they represent the group of healthcare workers at the highest risk for workplace violence. However, there are other likely victims such as emergency response personnel, hospital safety officers and other healthcare providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners, psychologists and social workers.

Physical attacks involving punching, hair-pulling, kicking and stabbing often are the result of patients and, sometimes, their family members being out of control or feeling frustrated over the circumstances. Violence usually occurs when healthcare workers have increased interaction with patients in situations such as at mealtimes, during visiting hours and when transporting patients.

Airline traffic picking up; workers continue to face job hazards

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on airports around the world. Passenger traffic at the Denver International Airport plummeted 75% in June. However, in July, the airport has experienced a stronger uptick in passenger rates, the most since March when people became much more aware of the virus.

Air travel continues sporadically and with a series of safety precautions for passengers, the flight crews and the ground crews. COVID-19 represents just another job hazard that can lead to serious health complications.

Common causes of construction crane accidents

Construction sites can be home to countless severe accidents and injuries. From those involving the failure of safety gear to those centering on toxic exposure, construction workers are in danger of serious accidents and death on nearly every shift. The most devastating category of injuries, however, involves the use of heavy equipment.

What are the most common types of workplace injuries?

Every job presents some risk to a person's safety, whether that person sits behind a desk or works on a construction site. And workplace accidents can happen to anyone.

Thankfully, there are numerous precautions people can take to reduce their risk of getting hurt. Understanding what the most common injuries are can make it easier to see what you can do to stay safe.

Healthcare workers face the danger of physical violence

Many people equate workers' compensation with a single-instance accident such as a slip-and-fall or being struck by a falling object. Healthcare workers, however, face those dangers plus those involving repetitive stress injuries and exposure to diseases. A new danger, unfortunately, has also become a growing trend - physical violence from patients and patients' families.

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