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Step-by-Step Process for Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Colorado

Were you injured on the job in Colorado? You have the right to seek no-fault benefits through the workers’ compensation insurance system. Navigating the workers’ comp claims process can be challenging. It is normal to have a ton of questions. At The Law Offices of W. Dan Mahoney, P.C., we help injured workers secure the maximum benefits. Within this article, our Denver workers’ compensation lawyer provides a step-by-step guide to filing for workers’ comp benefits in Colorado.

Workers' Compensation Claim

Step #1: Seek Prompt Medical Attention for Any Injuries

Step one is getting medical care from a doctor. Without question, severe injuries take the top priority. If you sustained a very bad injury, you need to call 911 immediately and get yourself to the nearest emergency room. Beyond that, non-emergency injuries still need to be evaluated right away by a physician. This step is crucial not only for your health but also for your workers’ compensation claim. When you see a doctor, tell them that your injury happened while you were working. By doing so, they can make a note of it in their report—which will become an essential piece of evidence for your claim.

Step #2: Report Your Accident to Your Employer (Within 10 Working Days)

You should notify your employer—either through your direct supervisor, the human resources (HR) department, or the company owner—of your work injury as soon as possible. You can briefly explain what happened and how you got hurt. State law requires injured workers to notify their employer in a timely manner. As explained by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, a workplace accident should be reported to your employer within 10 working days. If you fail to provide adequate notice to your employer, it may impact your claim and recovery.

Step #3: Document Your Accident and Your Injuries

The more comprehensive documentation that you have, the better your chances for maximizing your workers’ compensation benefits. Keep track of everything related to your injury and the accident. Take photos of where the accident happened and any equipment involved. Write down what you were doing when you got hurt and who was there. Also, keep a record of your medical treatments, including doctor visits, medications, and any other care you receive.

Step #4: Complete and Submit the Colorado Workers’ Comp Claims Form

Seeking medical care and reporting your accident to your employer is an essential part of the workers’ comp claims process in Colorado. With that being said, notifying your employer of an incident is not the same thing as filing for workers’ comp benefits. You need to obtain, complete, and submit the required paperwork. In Colorado, that means getting and filling out a Worker’s Claim for Compensation (WC 15). Once you have completed the form, submit it to the State of Colorado Division of Worker’s Compensation and the appropriate person or department in your company. The form is your formal request for workers’ comp benefits. You do not have to fill it out alone. An experienced Colorado workers’ comp lawyer can help handle all of the workers’ comp claims paperwork. Getting legal help is especially important if you suffered a serious injury or if your employer is considering disputing your benefits.

Step #5: Take Action to Address a Delay or Denial (File an Appeal)

In Colorado, workers’ compensation insurance provides no-fault benefits to qualified applicants. You do not have to prove that your employer was “at fault” for your injury to get benefits. Still, things do not always go smoothly. Unfortunately, many injured workers in Colorado run into problems when pursuing their benefits. You could run into a delay or even a denial. If this happens, do not lose hope. You have the right to challenge this decision. Start by finding out why your claim was denied or delayed. A Denver, CO, workers’ comp lawyer can help you understand the denial and gather all of the evidence you need to file a strong, compelling appeal.

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