Excavator convicted for crash that killed cyclist

Last month, a Boulder County jury convicted Christopher Loven, a dump truck driver of caress driving in connection with the death of a 73-year-old Boulder man who had been riding a bicycle. According to an investigation by the Colorado State Patrol, Loven had been driving a dump truck hauling a

ATA accused of shifting blame to other drivers in car-truck crashes

The Truck Safety Coalition, an advocacy group working to increase safe driving practices in the trucking industry, recently got upset over a report published by the American Trucking Associations. That report, according to the Truck Safety Coalition, essentially attempted to blame car drivers for the majority (80 percent) of car-truck

Colorado Supreme Court upholds decision in favor of insurance company over 1995 crash

Earlier this month, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of automobile insurer State Farm, holding that underinsured motorist claims may not be brought against the company because of a statute of limitations. The incident that gave rise to the ruling was a car accident that took place back in

Two die in wrong-way accident on Colorado highway

When driving down a Colorado highway or interstate, a driver may see a variety of different signs. There are signs that mark exits off of the roadways, and there are speed limit signs that tell drivers just how fast they may go according to the applicable laws. They may pass

Did you suffer a workplace injury in a health care setting?

From the outside, a casual observer may not think of a health care setting as a particularly dangerous place to work: It’s not a crab fishing vessel on the Bering Sea, and medical attention is close at hand. Yet, health care workers face a slew of potentially dangerous situations on

Drunk driving in Colorado: What are the statistics?

Most Denver residents know how dangerous it is to drink and drive. Thousands of families unexpectedly lose loved ones each year because someone made the decision to drive when they were impaired. All of these accidents are completely preventable. A drunk driving accident affects a person’s life forever, and it is important