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Denver train vs. car accident leaves 2 dead

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2013 | Car Accidents |

When you are driving in Denver and approach railroad tracks when a train is near, lights flash to warn you and a crossbar will fall on either side of the tracks to prevent traffic from moving through. Depending on where the tracks are located, some trains will even sound their horn to warn drivers that they are coming. Despite these precautions, train accidents still occur, and a recent Denver accident has likely shaken up the lives of many.

Just after 8:45 on Tuesday night, a car was struck by a train at a crossing near Kalamath and Bayaud. Sadly, both occupants of the car died in the collision. Strangely, the train continued operating for 30 minutes as police attempted to stop it. It’s not clear from a recent report why this happened.

As of right now, police do not know how the collision occurred. Unfortunately, many train accidents are the result of safety warnings malfunctioning, causing a driver to move over the tracks even though a train is approaching. It is likely that the city will inspect the train crossing signals at this location to see if that may have played a role in this tragic crash.

As authorities begin to find out more about this accident, the families of those who died may be paying close attention. In situations like this, even if police decide not to file charges or issue a against a train operator, family members of the victims can take action on their own. Through a wrongful death lawsuit, family members can not only obtain compensation for the loss of their loved, but they may also feel that justice has been served.

Source: Fox 31 Denver, “2 people killed in freight train vs. car accident in Denver,” David Mitchell, June 18, 2013



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