Off-duty officer convicted of DWI for I-25 accident

We all make mistakes, but when police officers get caught violating the very laws they are entrusted to enforce, it just doesn’t look good. This week, a jury in Denver came up with a guilty verdict in a DUI case against a 39-year-old off-duty police officer who caused a crash

Cyclist loses life when truck driver fails to yield in Boulder

Bicycles may have two skinny wheels and are powered by our own muscles, but they share a right to the road too. They aren’t always as easy to spot, but drivers need to pay attention to the entire road. When this duty is ignored, the result is often an accident

IIHS performs safety testing on small cars

Car safety is something we all have on our minds, particularly those of us looking to purchase new vehicles. Luckily, there are plenty of resources out there for folks wondering what vehicles are considered safest in the class their looking for. In a recent set of tests performed by the

Study shows texting while walking comes with risks

According to a recent study to be published in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention, Americans have a problem paying attention, not only while driving but also while walking. And cell phones are largely to blame. The study showed that at least 1,500 Americans were injured in 2010 while walking and

NTSB investigation reveals violation of safety regulations

The National Transportation Safety Board—the agency responsible for investigating and reporting aviation accidents, ship and marine accidents, railroad accidents, and some types of highway accidents involving motor vehicles—recently completed its investigation of a New Jersey accident that took place last year. That accident, which involved a school bus and a Mack

Road rage a leading cause of car accidents

A man involved in an accident that left a Boulder man injured will reportedly not be charged after an investigation revealed that he stopped his vehicle to avoid another car and not because of road rage. He had initially been accused of road rage after passing three professional triathletes who

Automobile insurance and uninsured/underinsured drivers

As our readers know, automobile insurance is a critical part of being a driver in our society. By law, most states require drivers to have certain types of coverage with minimum limits. Drivers may, of course, carry extra coverage—and this is not a bad idea. Each driver needs to decide

New hours-of-service rule implemented for truckers

On Monday, new federal regulations intended to reduce the occurrence of truck accidents caused by driver fatigue were imposed upon commercial carriers. The new regulations will reduce the maximum average workweek for truck drivers from 82 hours to 70 hours and require commercial carriers to take at least one 30-minute break during

Truck drivers and distracted driving not a good mix

On Wednesday, David Teater of the National Safety Council delivered an important address at the national Fleet Safety Conference in Illinois.  The topic of the address was the use of cell phones while driving. Now most of our readers are aware of the problem of cell phone use among regular

Denver train vs. car accident leaves 2 dead

When you are driving in Denver and approach railroad tracks when a train is near, lights flash to warn you and a crossbar will fall on either side of the tracks to prevent traffic from moving through. Depending on where the tracks are located, some trains will even sound their