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Colfax and Broadway: the most dangerous Denver intersection

Pedestrian accidents are a serious problem in Denver, particularly at intersections. A local news station, taking note of the problem, recently decided to compile a list of the worst intersections for auto-pedestrian accidents between 2010 and 2012. At the top of the list was the intersection of Colfax and Broadway, where eleven accidents occurred during that time.

At that intersection, over 50,000 cars travel through each day, and thousands of pedestrians cross through. The city of Denver has made attempts over the years to prevent such accidents, including the installation of metal fencing in the median to prevent crossing from mid-block into Civic Park. That was done after information shoed that pedestrians were more likely to become involved in a fatal accident if they were hit in the middle of a block as opposed to being hit at an intersection. Even in the latter case, though, the damage can be great.

For whatever reason, accidents are more likely to occur during January and September, between four and seven o’clock in the evening. City engineers are charged with monitoring high risk locations and with making interventions to mitigate risk. Still, it isn’t always easy to predict how motorists will behave in every situation.

Pedestrians, as is obvious, stand to lose a lot in a crash with a vehicle. In personal injury claims, though, it is important to remember that remember that one’s own negligence is taken into account when determining who is at fault accident. Fortunately, Colorado law allows those harmed in an accident to seek compensation for any part of an injury caused by the negligence of another party. It does mean there are limits on recovery, though, when an accident victim is partially at fault.

Source:, “Denver’s worst intersections for pedestrians,” Melissa Blasuis, August 30, 2013.