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Truck Accidents

Common reasons why large truck crashes occur

The large trucks that criss-cross the country, carrying freight along U.S. roads remain a regular sight for drivers. They know that companies and markets rely on their cargo to keep economy chugging. But these drivers also should know the potential dangers that can happen when driving near one. When an

Not all truck crashes are big-rig collisions

Commercial vehicles are everywhere on the Colorado highway system. They can be involved in activities ranging from delivering goods to retailers and other distributors to making roadside pickups, often stopping in the roadway when working. A prime example of vehicles that constantly stop while discharging work responsibilities is trash trucks.

Top 3 factors that can lead to a truck collision

Denver is an important thoroughfare for many trucking routes. Whether using the state as a conduit to the West Coast or simply making deliveries to a local department store, our roads can quickly become congested with commercial trucks. Unfortunately, collisions involving 18-wheelers often result in devastating injuries and the destruction

Pursuing fair compensation after a truck accident

Denver area residents are obviously used to seeing large trucks on the roadways in and around the city, but the sight of an accident that involves a large truck, such as a semi-truck, can be jarring. These types of accidents often involve extensive damage to all of the vehicles involved

Exploring legal options for truck accident victims

An unexpected truck accident can devastate the lives of the victims. Because truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and damages to truck accident victims, it is important for truck accident victims and their families to be familiar with the legal protections available to them when they have been harmed

Truck drivers need proper training to avoid crashes

Driving down a leveled road is difficult enough, but when mountainous terrain and a heavy vehicle are added to the mix, it can end up as the recipe for a catastrophic truck accident. As Denver reels from the tragic truck accident on I-70 that involved 28 vehicles and caused at least

Steep grade may have contributed to catastrophic crash

At the end of April, a semitruck hauling lumber plowed into stopped traffic on I-70 in Jefferson County. Anyone who has driven into or out of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains has likely seen the signs warning truck drivers about steep grades. While the accident investigation is not yet complete, there is

Research indicates ELD regulations could increase crash risks

Since there are many trucks in Denver and throughout Colorado, it is a natural concern they could cause accidents. A crash with a truck can leave those in smaller, passenger vehicles with severe injuries or even fatalities. Federal regulators are constantly seeking ways to make the roads safer by implementing

Bus-truck accident injures both drivers in Colorado

Some of the most difficult auto accidents in Denver and across Colorado involve a truck and a bus colliding. These can lead to a significant impact with the potential for injuries and fatalities. In this type of wreck, the investigation is key. Both parties must make certain to protect their

Should one settle a truck accident lawsuit out of court?

Denver residents who suffer injuries as a result of a truck driver’s negligence often seek to be compensated for their losses through a personal injury lawsuit. Sometimes, these cases go to trial and a jury makes an award to the victim. Other times, however, the victim and the truck driver