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Top 3 factors that can lead to a truck collision

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Truck Accidents |

Denver is an important thoroughfare for many trucking routes. Whether using the state as a conduit to the West Coast or simply making deliveries to a local department store, our roads can quickly become congested with commercial trucks. Unfortunately, collisions involving 18-wheelers often result in devastating injuries and the destruction of smaller vehicles. 

What are some common factors that can lead to a truck collision?

While the reasons are myriad, here are three of the most common factors that can result in a serious collision.

  • Driver ability: Young or old, truck drivers certainly aren’t all created equal. Acquiring and maintaining a commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a challenging prospect that requires practice, focus and attention. Unfortunately, driver ability varies greatly from truck to truck on the road. In addition, some drivers attempt to chemically enhance their ability through the use of drugs.
  • Equipment failure: A commercial truck relies heavily on numerous safety systems from braking to lights to tire maintenance. If any one of these systems fail, the truck can become a danger on the road. Tire blowouts, for example, can lead to the truck losing control and swerving from lane to lane as the driver struggles to regain control. This is in addition to the large chunks of tire rubber that are lobbed across the road at highway speeds.
  • Driver distractions: Long-haul truckers are generally up against a tough schedule. This can often mean that drivers become bored and try to find ways to keep themselves occupied. This can be as simple as a phone call and as complex as using various hot plates to cook a meal rather than stopping for food. Any activity that pulls attention – either visual, cognitive or manual – from the task of driving can eventually lead to an accident.

Due to their size and speed, a big rig collision can cause life-threatening injuries and complete vehicle devastation. After a crash, it is likely the trucking company will immediately dispatch their insurance carrier and attorneys to begin building a favorable case. If you were injured or have lost a loved one, it is important to carefully examine your legal rights and options.



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