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Research indicates ELD regulations could increase crash risks

Since there are many trucks in Denver and throughout Colorado, it is a natural concern they could cause accidents. A crash with a truck can leave those in smaller, passenger vehicles with severe injuries or even fatalities. Federal regulators are constantly seeking ways to make the roads safer by implementing rules for truckers. One is requiring that all trucks have an electronic logging device installed. While this seemed to be a wise strategy to make the roads safer, a new study indicates that this has not happened and could, in fact, lead to other dangerous behaviors on the part of drivers.

An ELD is meant to ensure that drivers adhere to the hours of service rules. These rules mandate that truck drivers only drive for a certain number of hours before resting. Since drivers tend to grow fatigued, which can place others in jeopardy, it is important to make sure drivers do not flout the rules. For smaller carriers, there was a significant reduction in hours of service violations when ELDs were implemented. Larger carriers were not impacted because they had already installed the ELDs.

Accidents rose in all categories during a period called “light enforcement,” which gave drivers an opportunity to avoid fines. Next, during a period of strict enforcement, the number of accidents decreased by 0.8 percent. Researchers believe that the reduction in accidents and the ELD requirement is not linked in any major way. More worrisome is the fact that drivers who know they must stick to a certain number of hours on the road will now take other steps to maintain productivity and get their delivery to its location as quickly as possible.

Since truck accidents can cause so much damage to people in passenger vehicles, knowing how and why a crash happened is one of the key factors to secure compensation in a legal filing. If the accident was caused by drivers violating the hours of service, speeding, driving drunk, were distracted or were fatigued, it is a foundational aspect of a case. A law firm that understands how to pursue compensation in a truck accident can be of assistance after a crash.