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Personal Injury

The many forms of distracted driving

Eyes on the road and hands on the wheel seem like two wise actions to take when driving. Attention counts, too. People whose mind drifts away from the road could cause an accident. Yet, many Colorado motorists make the mistake of letting their attention fade, leading to crashes. Distracted driving

Symptoms of a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)

Depending on countless factors from the types of vehicles involved to the speed at which they were traveling, a collision can result in devastating injuries. Vehicle occupants can suffer broken bones, spinal cord damage, amputation or paralysis. Numerous types of impacts can lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). In

When is an employer responsible for an employee’s negligence?

We made a point previously on our Denver personal injury law blog that may warrant some further discussion and clarification. In a post about an accident involving a city worker, we noted that an employer can generally be held accountable for an employee’s dangerous or negligent acts. There are certain

Colorado storms bring more than leaks

After seasonal storms grew in intensity to bring with them hail, roof-damaged homeowners in Colorado may now be looking for repairs. Where there is necessity, there is demand and where there is demand, there so often is an influx of contractors rushing to answer that cry. However, in the rush to procure

When you cannot protect yourself

After you have been injured on the job or even when you were not at work and were involved in a car accident, you may find you are struggling to recover. In those days and weeks following your injury, your family also has to change their day-to-day routine to make up

Fighting insurance with assurance

Wouldn’t it be ideal to have inside knowledge of the type of tactics an insurance company employs when defending itself against claims that come in from the very people who pay to be insured? To know with near-certainty that your claim will be paid and you will be compensated financially

Study shows texting while walking comes with risks

According to a recent study to be published in the journal Accident Analysis & Prevention, Americans have a problem paying attention, not only while driving but also while walking. And cell phones are largely to blame. The study showed that at least 1,500 Americans were injured in 2010 while walking and

Distracted driving a problem not only on roads, but in skies as well

On Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board released the findings of an investigation of a 2011 accident involving a medical helicopter. That crash, which occurred near Mosby, Missouri, resulted in the death of a patient being taken from one hospital to another, a flight nurse, a flight paramedic, and the