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Colorado storms bring more than leaks

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2016 | Personal Injury |

After seasonal storms grew in intensity to bring with them hail, roof-damaged homeowners in Colorado may now be looking for repairs. Where there is necessity, there is demand and where there is demand, there so often is an influx of contractors rushing to answer that cry. However, in the rush to procure jobs, many unscrupulous companies join the mix and may bid on your business with an attractively low asking price for the work’s completion.

OSHA, as well as The Colorado Roofing Association, cautioned homeowners to verify their contractor is insured and is compliant with all worker protection practices necessary for the nature of the job.

What this means for workers is that they too must be wary of contractors looking for temporary workers. If the contractor does not hold the proper insurance, you may be in further crises should you suffer an injury on the job. Many uninsured contractors rushing to cash in on the demand do not offer fall protection and carry no insurance. This could leave the homeowner footing the bill for not only any damage caused during the roof repair but also liable for any injury on the homeowner’s premises should a worker be hurt.

If you have worked for an unscrupulous contractor and were injured doing your job, don’t think because the contractor offers no aid that there is no form of workers’ compensation and further damages. You may just have a more trying time chasing down what you are owed.

However, you were injured on someone’s property in a workplace accident. Preventable injury on the job should never happen and you should certainly never be punished by paying for your own recovery. Medical bills, lost wages and rehabilitation costs are likely to be stacking up and you need relief. You may be able to find it by contacting a Colorado personal injury attorney who can rally in your corner and fight for your rehabilitation so you don’t have to.

Source:, “OSHA Warns Against Uninsured Colorado Contractors,” Stefani Valentic, Aug 9, 2016



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