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Wrokers' Compensation

Maximizing Compensation Options for Transportation & Delivery Workers in Colorado

The transportation and logistics industry in Colorado employs almost 200,000 people in the state. These employees receive almost $13.5 billion in net payroll each year as they travel across thousands of miles of interstate freeways. Delivery workers also contribute to Colorado’s economy, with more residents shopping online than ever before. Employees

Navigating Workers’ Compensation for Independent Contractors in Colorado

Recent events have caused a rise in remote work, digital entrepreneurship, and freelancing across Colorado. In truth, however, independent contractors have played an important role in our economy for decades. Many Colorado residents are attracted by the freedom, flexibility, and even the tax benefits they experience as independent contractors. While

Common Workplace Injuries Covered by Workers’ Compensation in Colorado

Colorado mandates that all employers must have no-fault workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If you are hurt on the job, you have the right to file for workers’ benefits. It is an important level of protection for employees in our state. Unfortunately, tens of thousands of people are hurt on the

Returning to Work After a Workplace Injury: Rights and Responsibilities

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment explains that “all businesses with employees are required to have workers’ compensation insurance.” If you are hurt on the job, workers’ comp provides no-fault benefits. You may be required to miss time at work to recover from your accident. Returning to the job

Understanding the Average Weekly Wage Calculation in Colorado Workers’ Compensation

Workers' compensation is designed to cushion employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. In Colorado, understanding the Average Weekly Wage (AWW) calculation is essential for both employers and employees. In this blog post, our experts at The Law Offices of W. Dan Mahoney, P.C. will break down the aspects of

The Role of Third-Party Liability in Colorado Workers’ Compensation Cases

When a person is injured while working, they are entitled to compensation for their damages. In Colorado, an employee can get compensated through worker's compensation or filing a third-party liability claim. But just how do the two claims relate? How can you benefit from a third-party claim? Join us to

Workers’ Compensation for Repetitive Stress Injuries

The risk of repetitive stress injuries in the workplace is a growing concern in Colorado and nationwide. At the Law Offices of W. Dan Mahoney, P.C., we recognize the importance of understanding workers' compensation for these injuries and ensuring employees know their rights. Here is all you need to know

The Impact of Drug or Alcohol Use on Workers’ Compensation Claims in Colorado

You are entitled to workers' compensation when you sustain injuries while working. This is like a soft landing spot that cautions you from all the setbacks caused by the injury. However, what happens when drug or alcohol use is involved in a workplace accident? Does it affect your eligibility for

The Pros and Cons of Settling a Workers’ Compensation Claim

When an on-the-job injury leaves you in pain and unable to work, workers' compensation can be a lifeline to cover medical bills and lost wages. However, the journey to recovery is not a well-paved highway; it is often a winding trail with forks in the road. Therefore, should you settle

Understanding Independent Contractors and Workers’ Compensation in Colorado

The traditional boundaries of employment are shifting in Colorado. With the rise of the gig economy, there has been a significant increase in the number of independent contractors. These individuals offer services to businesses but operate under a distinct employment arrangement compared to traditional employees. Understanding where independent contractors stand