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Can truck drivers get workers comp?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Whatever type of job you have, it is possible you could get injured and qualify for workers’ compensation. For instance, a student could hit his or her teacher, leading to years of physical therapy for the teacher.

If you are a truck driver injured on the job, you could possibly qualify for workers’ comp too.

Understanding the program

Workers comp should offset the emotional and financial pain that some workers deal with after suffering injury on the job. For instance, an airport employee may experience a decrease in hearing after years of exposure to constantly loud noises. Employees who receive workers comp agree not to sue their employers for any possible negligence that played a role in the injury.

Some scenarios for truck drivers

There are many situations in which truck drivers could get injured on the job. A passenger car could hit a trucker’s vehicle, for one thing. Some highways are also more dangerous than others; in Colorado, part of Highway 550 does not have shoulders or guardrails and is extremely twisty. A spot of slick roadway could lead to disastrous results.

Truckers who load or unload their vehicles may suffer back injuries. They can also slip or drop an object, hurting themselves. Preventative measures such as back braces or unloading in dry areas can help keep a trucker safe but are not foolproof.

Driving in a truck for long times might lead to injuries such as neck pain and carpal tunnel. Some truckers also experience injury to their joints due to jumping down from the cab. In short, there are plenty of scenarios in which truck drivers might be eligible for workers comp.

How it could help

Workers comp for injured truckers could help pay for lost wages while truckers recover as well as some medical expenses. If a trucker dies on the job, his or her family could be eligible to receive death benefits.

If you think workers comp could help in your case, many attorneys offer free consultations. They can explain about temporary disability, permanent disability, medical benefits, disfigurement and death benefits.



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