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Truck driver faces four counts of manslaughter

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

It really is disconcerting to have to share the highway alongside semi trucks. If you have ever been anywhere near an 18-wheeler when it has a tire blowout, you have probably felt true terror. Not only is a blown tire on a semi loud, it can be life-threatening to the comparatively minuscule vehicles around it.

When you hear reports of some of these truck drivers being on mind-altering drugs, it can be even scarier. Many trucks and many drivers travel across the US through numerous states and an accident that took place in another part of the US could just as easily have taken place in Colorado.

In 2014, a truck driver allegedly caused a crash that claimed the life of four women, all of whom were members of a college softball team. Prosecutors now believe they have all the evidence they need to condemn the driver and bring him down for first-degree manslaughter; one count for each death.

While no drugs were ever confirmed to be in his system after a blood test, the driver is believed to have been high on synthetic cannabinoids, rendering him incapacitated as he drove head-on into the vehicle carrying the college women outside of Davis, Oklahoma.

Even if the driver, his company or any others involved were not convicted of criminal charges, you may still pursue a form of justice with a civil lawsuit. If you’ve suffered a loss caused by an accident involving a truck, whether to your own well-being or the death of a loved one, you may have real hope of compensation with the help of a Colorado wrongful death and personal injury attorney. Nothing is going to repair the damage that has been done to you but with the help of the potentially substantial remuneration you stand to receive, you could garner some relief from medical expenses, funeral costs, rehabilitation and lost wages.

Source:, “Trucker accused in 2014 NCTC crash to stand trial,” June 20, 2016



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