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Not all truck accidents involve vehicles colliding

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Denver residents are accustomed to exercising extra caution when sharing the road with semi trucks. But even if a truck driver is also driving responsibly, it’s still possible for a truck accident to occur. How so?

A news station here in Denver recently made the point that sometimes a truck is hauling a load that isn’t adequately secured. It could be anything from furniture to construction supplies or even a load of rocks: falling debris from a semi truck can and does cause accidents and injuries.

It doesn’t matter whether the truck bears signage warning that the driver is not liable for windshield or other damage. If debris falls from a moving truck and strikes another car, that is an accident under Colorado law; if it causes injuries, the truck driver will automatically be required to appear in court.

A major problem for truck accident victims, however, is that a truck driver may not even realize it when this happens and will proceed to unintentionally drive away from what is, legally speaking, the scene of an accident that he or she just caused. If possible, victims are urged to try to obtain the truck’s license plate number, DOT number listed on the rear of the truck, or get a quick photo or video of the truck. If nothing else, a thorough description can still help police in their efforts to locate the driver.

A legal professional may also be able to assist victims and coordinate with police on an investigation. An attorney can help track down evidence like trucking logs, footage from surveillance cameras in the area and reaching out to potential eyewitnesses. This is particularly important when a truck accident victim’s full attention must be devoted to recovery from the injuries he or she suffered.

This information can assist police, it is true. But it can also form the basis of a personal injury lawsuit against the truck company seeking compensation for the victim’s losses.

Source: The Denver Channel, “Driving You Crazy: Are trucking companies really not responsible for cracking my windshield?,” Jayson Luber, May 7, 2018



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