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When truck accidents occur who is to blame?

If you are a driver in Colorado, there is a good chance that you will pass numerous big-rig trucks every week. These vehicles are a common sight on the roads and it is all too easy to overlook the potential damage they can cause if something goes wrong. Any form of motor vehicle accident can have devastating consequences, but the sheer size of these trucks often means that the impact of an accident is more widespread.

In a previous blog post we looked at the many ways in which a truck accident can occur. However, when this happens, who is liable? An accident of this nature can result in hefty repair bills, not to mention medical expenses. If you were not responsible for the crash, why should you pay the price?

To determine whom the fault lies with, a number of factors must be taken into consideration. For example, a problem with the truck’s cargo could be the fault of the trucking company if it was insecurely attached. Equally, if the problem was that the cargo was hazardous and the trucking company had not been informed, fault may lie with the shipping company.

In many cases, the driver might be deemed to be at fault, particularly if he was speeding, distracted or intoxicated. At the same time, the trucking company may still carry some responsibility, especially if it is shown not to have given adequate training to the driver.

Every case is different and a few more examples are detailed here. Ultimately, if you become caught up in a truck accident, you might benefit from legal support. An attorney may be able to evaluate your case and help you understand the options available to you.