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Motorcycle Accidents

3 ways helmets protect you on a motorcycle ride

While all areas of the body are susceptible to injury in a motorcycle accident, your head is one of the most at-risk body parts. In a 2016 survey, 63% of Colorado motorcyclists involved in fatal accidents were not wearing helmets. Here are just three ways helmets can greatly decrease the risk of

Hit-and-run collision between pickup and motorcycle kills rider

Motorcyclists in Denver and throughout Colorado know they face major risks when they take to the roads. Still, they enjoy the activity and put their faith in other drivers adhering to the law and making certain they keep an eye on riders to ensure that everyone is safe. Unfortunately, accidents

Woman suffers catastrophic injuries and dies in motorcycle crash

The roads in Denver and throughout Colorado are dangerous for anyone who is using them in a vehicle or as a pedestrian. For motorcyclists, the risks are magnified. Not only is the weather a concern in the state, but there are constant dangers to navigate with other drivers who might

4 tips for avoiding an accident on your motorcycle

If you ride a motorcycle, safety should be one of your core priorities. According to the most recent data, bikers are 27 times more likely to die in an accident than occupants of passenger cars. You know that the consequences of another vehicle hitting you may be severe. The best thing you can do

Steps to take after a motorcycle hit-and-run

Motorcyclists have unique risks on roadways. Colorado is home to numerous motorcycle fatalities every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, including 125 in 2016 alone. Even though most motorcyclists involved in accidents do not lose their lives, they may still sustain serious injuries. The matter becomes even more complicated if the

Motorcyclist killed when pickup truck driver runs stop light

Motorcyclists have a reputation as risk-takers, or even as outlaws. When motorcyclists are injured in traffic accidents, many people may assume they were somehow at fault. In fact, huge numbers of accidents in which motorcycle riders are injured are caused by the driver of another vehicle. Recently, a motorcyclist was killed

Motorcycle accidents alarm officials, lead to emphasis on motorcycle safety

As the summer turns to fall, many motorcyclists will be out on Denver area roadways. They want to enjoy the last few weeks of nice weather before they have to put their bikes away for the winter. Motorcyclists know all too well the dangers that they may encounter when they