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4 tips for avoiding an accident on your motorcycle

If you ride a motorcycle, safety should be one of your core priorities. According to the most recent data, bikers are 27 times more likely to die in an accident than occupants of passenger cars. You know that the consequences of another vehicle hitting you may be severe.

The best thing you can do to avoid a serious or fatal injury in a motorcycle collision is to prioritize your safety. If you are constantly honing your skills, learning safety tips and staying vigilant, you will be much safer on the road. Here are a few essential strategies to reduce your chances of a motorcycle wreck.

1. Do everything you can to increase your visibility

Your motorcycle is significantly smaller than a passenger vehicle. Most motorists are not keeping an active eye out for motorcyclists, so you must make sure you are easily noticeable. Use your headlight even during the day. Add reflective stickers to your bike and clothing. Swap the black leather jacket for something with bright colors. This will help drivers avoid hitting you.

2. Get professional training

A motorcycle class could save your life. Learning some tips and tricks from professionals will give you insight into how to be a better rider. Always keep your skill level in mind and do not test your ability or overestimate your expertise.

3. Stay alert

Constantly scan your surroundings and what is up ahead. You never know what drivers are impaired or distracted. Unfortunately, drunk driving and texting while driving are common behaviors, so anticipate sudden swerves and lane changes. Keep an eye out for road hazards such as potholes, railroad tracks, wet leaves and sand.

4. Wear a DOT-approved helmet

A full-face helmet with a stamp of approval from the DOT may save your life even if you get into a collision. If your helmet does not have a DOT symbol on it, get one immediately.