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Lighter traffic does not mean improved safety for bicyclists

In the past three months, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to fewer commuters on the road and fewer traffic jams, if any at all. The lighter traffic provides seemingly safer routes for everyone from motorists to bicyclists. Not so fast, though. While bicycling has grown in popularity during these uncertain

Bicyclist rights and responsibilities in Colorado

Knowing the rules of the road is important as a bicyclist in Colorado. Yet it is perhaps even more important for drivers to understand what they can and cannot do around bikers. In a collision between a vehicle and a bicycle, the vehicle almost always comes out in better shape.

Top injuries from bicycle crashes

Riding a bicycle is a popular hobby in Denver, with access to numerous trails, bike lanes and other amenities. The city takes this mode of transportation seriously and makes efforts to increase safety while decreasing deaths and severe injuries from traffic accidents. As a cyclist, it is good to be aware of what injuries

Driver negligence in accidents with child bicyclists

A recent post here on our Denver personal injury law blog discussed an incident in which a driver struck and injured a bicyclist. Bike accidents are all too common in Denver, and one type of accident in particular: accidents involving child bicyclists. Of all car-bicycle accident scenarios, the largest percentage involves child bicyclists. This

The brain may harbor a perception dangerous to motorcyclists

Following a car-motorcycle crash, the motorist who was at fault for the accident may insist that s/he did not see the motorcycle, inferring that it was too small an object. A university study indicates that this may have to do with how the brain interprets distances. About the study The

Steps to take if you are a cyclist in a hit-and-run

Cyclists are at an extreme disadvantage on roadways. They have far less protection than people inside of a car. It is for this reason that the number of bicycle accident fatalities appears to be on the rise in the state, according to a report from The Denver Post. An accident involving a

Tragic motor vehicle accident claims a cyclist’s life

Auto-bike accidents can be very serious and easily lead to life-threatening injury. W Unlike occupants of cars and trucks, bicyclists are exposed to the elements. In a recent local tragedy, a bicyclist was killed in a motor vehicle accident with a vehicle. Police stated that the collision took place at East Smith

Why some drivers get angry at bicyclists

Some drivers are bicyclists themselves and respect cyclists on the roads. Other drivers, however, find cyclists to be a huge nuisance. Here is a look at a few common theories as to why cyclists are particularly likely to have a driver seeing red. Lack of “good” experiences There are more

How cyclists can reduce the high risk of accident and injury

Colorado ranks number 14 in bicycle deaths per capita, reports GOVERNING Magazine. On average, there are about 10 deaths of cyclists in the state each year, but these figures are increasing, not declining. There are even more non-fatal accidents involving bicycles and autos. Now that the weather is nice, more cyclists