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Top injuries from bicycle crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Bicycle Accidents |

Riding a bicycle is a popular hobby in Denver, with access to numerous trails, bike lanes and other amenities. The city takes this mode of transportation seriously and makes efforts to increase safety while decreasing deaths and severe injuries from traffic accidents.

As a cyclist, it is good to be aware of what injuries are common when bicycle accidents do occur. That way, you can take the steps to prevent getting hurt.

Trauma to the head

The most severe harm involves the head, as it can lead to traumatic brain injuries and long-term damage. Concussions are common, even when riders wear helmets, as the protective device does not stop the brain from hitting the skull, which is one cause of concussions. Of course, wearing a helmet is still beneficial for avoiding other types of head injuries or lowering the severity of them. Seeking medical attention immediately is vital in diagnosing trauma quickly.

Broken bones

Another common result of impact accidents is breaking a bone, and cyclists often break the collarbone. Healing can happen in a matter of weeks, but it can also require surgery to install pins if the break is severe or happens in multiple locations.

Limb injuries

When you fall, you naturally extend your arms to try to break the fall and protect yourself. Doing so, however, comes with the risk of sprains, strains, breaks, lacerations and other harm. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

Road rash

Although not life-threatening, road rash is very unpleasant to experience. The road can easily scratch up your skin, even if you wear thick clothing, which is not common for cyclists to do anyway. The risk of road rash is very high in an accident.

More-serious or fatal injuries can occur depending on the nature of the traffic accident. The size and speed of the vehicle are contributing factors. Even small cars at low speeds can cause significant damage simply because cyclists lack sufficient protection against an automobile.



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