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Tragic motor vehicle accident claims a cyclist’s life

Auto-bike accidents can be very serious and easily lead to life-threatening injury. W Unlike occupants of cars and trucks, bicyclists are exposed to the elements.

In a recent local tragedy, a bicyclist was killed in a motor vehicle accident with a vehicle. Police stated that the collision took place at East Smith Road and Tower Road, and the driver of the car remained at the scene of the accident. The cause of the accident, as well as the names of the deceased and the driver, have yet to be announced. Unfortunately, these sorts of accidents are all too common in Denver.

Occasionally, these accidents happen because the driver does not see the biker, or maybe the driver simply wasn’t paying attention to the road. In other words, the driver may be liable for the damage caused by the accident, and if the driver is found liable, then this could ease the emotional and financial burden on the injured or the family of the deceased.

If a driver is not paying attention and collides with a biker, a court might consider that driver to be negligent. The injured or the family of the deceased may bring a personal injury or wrongful death action against the driver. The court would examine the evidence, and if the driver is found to be negligent, the driver will be liable for the medical expenses, lost wages, and potentially other costs, as well.

During this emotional and painful time, it is important for the injured to understand that there are options. The injured person or the family of the deceased can always speak to a lawyer about their legal options. An attorney can provide emotional, financial, and practical support to those affected by an auto-bike accident.

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