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Flight attendant for Delta Airlines wins workers’ comp appeal

Workers in Colorado are exposed to many different kinds of occupational hazards. Sometimes, the origin of a person’s illness is related to a work condition that they were unaware of initially. A flight attendant with Delta Airlines recently won a workers’ compensation claim lawsuit over an illness she contracted from chemicals in her uniform.

Matter of Valdez v. Delta Airlines, Inc.

The Delta flight attendant’s claim was initially filed in 2019, and the lower court ruled in her favor. After the case was appealed, the workers’ comp decision was upheld in the Supreme Court of New York on Sept. 2, 2021.

In 2018, the plaintiff claims that she was instructed to begin wearing a different work uniform. She then developed some skin and respiratory issues as well as other physical problems. When her doctors told her that the problems might be related to chemicals in her work uniform, the woman filed a workers’ compensation claim for contact dermatitis.

Injury connected to work conditions

According to the ruling, the claimant was able to establish a clear connection between her contact dermatitis and her work conditions. However, the court specified that the chemicals the woman was allergic to weren’t found to be present in her work uniform. The woman’s allergic reaction to fabric dyes began before she wore the uniform, but wearing the uniform aggravated her symptoms.

Other occupational injuries from chemicals at work

Many people work around toxic chemicals that could cause injuries and illnesses. If you are a hotel cleaner, for example, you may suffer from respiratory issues or rashes from some cleaning products. People who are injured by chemicals at their job are generally entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits.