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What is a ‘notice of contest’ in CO workers’ compensation?

All kinds of workers can get injured on the job. While some occupations may be more inherently dangerous than others, just about every job presents some possibility for injury. For example, one industry that is often not thought of as being particularly dangerous is that of health care. However, the risks of contracting illness or being injured by a patient or equipment is much higher than many people realize. Of course, Denver workers of any type who have been injured do have one place they may be able to turn, and that is workers’ compensation insurance.

The law in Colorado requires that when insurance companies take a position on a claim, that they provide the claimant with some explanation of the claim proceedings. The Colorado government publishes a pamphlet that does this in the case of workers’ compensation claims. It explains that a worker has up to two years from the date of the injury or discovery of an occupational disease to file a workers’ compensation claim. At that point, the workers’ comp insurance company will take some position on the matter.

Taking a position means that the insurer either admits or denies liability for the claim put forth. In an ‘admission,’ the insurer admits that the claim should be paid and provides information about the worker’s wage, which the worker should verify. In other cases, however, the insurance company may file a ‘notice of contest,” in which it says it will contest the claim, and will deny that the company has the responsibility to pay out, as well as stating its basis for denial.

In the latter case above, a Denver worker may wonder what should be done, considering he or she may still be recovering, or still be in serious pain or unable to work. People in this position may wish to consider consulting an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who may be able to advise them with regard to protecting their legal rights.