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Summer can be risky for teen drivers

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Few milestones are more important to teenagers than obtaining a driver’s license. If you have a young driver in your family, though, you should know about the dangers of summertime driving. That is, summer months are so risky for young motorists that AAA has identified the days between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend as the 100 deadliest days of the year for teen drivers. 

Even though Denver tends to have mild winters, icy roads can be a challenge for young drivers. Still, summer may present a bigger risk. Why is summer so dangerous for teen motorists? According to experts, there are three primary reasons. 

1. Distracted driving 

Distracted driving is a year-round problem for drivers from many different age groups. Summer months, though, may lure your teenager into a false sense of security. While the young one in your family may realize that texting and driving in inclement weather is a bad idea, picking up a smartphone may seem harmless on sunny days. Encouraging your teenager to focus on the road may to keep him or her safe until school starts again. 

2. More driving 

When teenagers are in school, they stay occupied for most of the day. That may not be the case during June, July and August, though. During these months, teens often have more time to spend driving. As you may suspect, increased driving often enhances a teen driver’s accident risk. 

3. Greater distances 

Finally, teenagers also may travel greater distances during the summer months. Instead of only driving to school, teen motorists may embark on long trips for vacation or short-term employment. When teen drivers experience fatigue or drive on unfamiliar roadways, their odds of having an automobile collision likely rise. 

By understanding why summer months are dangerous for teen drivers, you can talk to your kids about driving responsibly. With a bit of coaching and some responsive parenting, you can improve your kids’ chances of staying safe during the 100 deadliest days.



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