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Teen fatal auto accident study shows an unexpected danger

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Experienced drivers in Denver and throughout Colorado will be concerned when encountering a teen driver. Younger drivers lack the experience to handle all situations and be fully prepared to what they are inevitably going to face on the road. Studies examine the common issues with teens behind the wheel. And, a new one from AAA indicates that teens could be distracted and have a fatal accident not because of a device, but also because of having another teen in the vehicle with them.

The data in the study is from 2016. It states that teens tend to place others in danger when driving. In Colorado alone, there were 50 people who died after a car accident with a teen driver in 2016. A spokesman for AAA says that teen recklessness behind the wheel combines with their lack of experience to create dangerous situations. When there is a teen in the vehicle with them, this is made worse not just for them, but also for others on the road.

AAA says that to reduce the number of fatalities, stopping teens from driving with other teens in the vehicle is an effective strategy. When teens have another teen in the vehicle, the fatality rate for those in a crash rises by more than 50 percent. When there is a person who is 35 or older in the vehicle with the teen driver, the rates reduce by 8 percent. Across the U.S., there were more than a million accidents in which teens were involved. More than 3,200 people died in those accidents.

AAA says that when teens had other teens in the vehicle, the statistical breakdown was as follows: 56 percent more deaths occurred for those in other vehicles; 45 percent more teen drivers died; and 17 percent more cyclists and pedestrians died. Parents are advised to supervise their teens for at least 100 hours before letting them go out alone and not to let a non-family member under 20 rides with them in their first six months behind the wheel.

These numbers are troubling because it contradicts some of the ingrained beliefs that teen drivers are involved in accidents because of using devices and texting and driving and highlights merely having another teen in the vehicle and how it increases the risk. After there has been an auto accident with a teen, any information can be critical to a legal filing to receive compensation for medical expenses, lost income and after a loved one has died. A law firm experienced in pursuing cases after an auto accident can be of assistance in a claim.



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