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Are teens more likely to become injured at work?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Many Colorado teens are entering the workforce for the first time this summer. Their newfound independence might come at a price, however, as research shows that 54% of workplace injuries affected teens in their first few months on the job. This incidence rate is two to three times higher than that of an average worker in Colorado.

According to some estimates, a teenager is injured every five minutes in workplaces across the country. Common injuries for workers under the age of 20 are cuts, burns, slips and falls, injuries suffered while lifting heavy objects and car accident injuries. Teens are more likely to suffer acute injuries, not repetitive strain injuries. This is most likely why there are double the chances of them ending up in the emergency room.

They are more likely to get injured because they are inexperienced and are doing jobs that do not require a lot of training. Their inexperience might cause them to overlook workplace hazards that other workers would notice. Additionally, their decision-making skills are not completely developed, and they are more likely to engage in risky behaviors. As a result, employers should focus on providing necessary onboarding training and encourage employees to communicate openly with them. Teens are more likely to suffer acute injuries, not repetitive strain injuries.

People work so they can be financially independent. A workplace injury can put a damper on their ability to do so. It is also possible that a dispute over whether they can claim workers compensation benefits might ensue. Consulting an experienced attorney after becoming involved in a workplace accident might be useful.



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