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Tips for taking photos of your car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Traffic deaths in Colorado have recently risen to their highest levels in over a decade. In 2017, 642 people died in car accidents, which is the highest number since 2004.

A majority of traffic collisions that occur in the state only result in property damage and minor injuries. Car accidents occur every day, and if one ever happens to you, then you need to take photos of the scene, provided you are in healthy condition. Here is some valuable advice for getting the best pictures possible to help with your eventual claim.

Take as many pictures as you can

There is no such thing as “too many pictures” when it comes to an auto accident. You need to take a variety of photos from every angle possible. This will provide the clearest overall picture of the accident to your insurance company.

Turn on the timestamp feature

Virtually everyone has a smartphone now. When you take pictures using your phone, you want to make sure you utilize the timestamp feature that records the time and date you take the picture. This provides police and insurance adjusters with more detailed information about the collision, and it could help your claim immensely.

Take pictures of more than just the vehicles

You need to take pictures of every side of your car as well as the other driver’s vehicle. Even if an area does not look damaged, it is still vital to have a picture of it. You also need to take pictures of the interior of both cars because, in many cases, interior components can sustain damage.

After you take pictures of the cars, you then want to turn your attention to the surrounding area. Make sure to document any skid marks the collision produced. You also need pictures of road conditions, such as a pothole or obstructed sign, that could have contributed to the crash. Even the weather conditions could help your case.



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