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3 mistakes to avoid after your car accident

A car crash can have serious consequences on your health and finances. You may continue to feel the repercussions for many years into the future. Obtaining compensation through a personal injury lawsuit can help you by offsetting financial losses and enabling you to access the medical care you need.

Avoiding some common mistakes can increase the chances of success in your case and help you achieve a higher level of improvement in your health. In addition, consulting an attorney can shed light on the best course of action based on your individual situation.

1. Sharing on social media

You have just endured a frightening and traumatic event. In today’s age of social media, many feel tempted to share their experience online. However, posting on social media can provide defense attorneys with ammunition against you. Even seemingly innocuous pictures or statements can serve as ways to weaken your case. This applies to postings that may not even relate to the accident itself, as defense attorneys may use postings about mundane activities to make arguments about your injuries and their effects.

2. Neglecting treatment

It can be hard to keep up with a consistent treatment regimen. Having to come to appointments can tire you out and disrupt your schedule, especially if you still working in any capacity. Medications can produce uncomfortable side effects. Treatments such as physical therapy or surgery can be painful and have lingering effects of their own. Nevertheless, it is important to do everything your doctors tell you. Get a second opinion when warranted, but do not simply ignore instructions or skip appointments. Not only will this impact your recovery, but it also enables defense attorneys to attribute long-term effects to a voluntary lack of treatment rather than the initial injury.

3. Accepting an unfair offer

When the other driver’s insurance representative calls soon after the accident with a settlement offer, accepting it can seem like a quick and easy way to handle the matter. However, you should be aware that this offer is highly unlikely to be fair to you. At this time, even you and your attorney likely do not have all the information necessary to assess damages. A fair settlement offer is far more likely to come after the discovery phase of the case. Talking to your lawyer before agreeing to anything can save you from taking a bad deal.