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New law will increase penalties for repeat car accident offenders

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Car Accidents |

It is a tragic state of affairs when repeat offenders cause multiple car accidents on the road. Accident victims in Colorado are unable to get the justice they deserve, as the law dictates that a nominal fine be imposed and a couple of points get added to the reckless driver’s license. Accident victims, on the other hand, can be left paralyzed, while the person who caused their injury is behind the wheel soon after the auto accident in question.

This is set to change in the state, however, as a new bill will increase penalties against drivers who strike what the bill calls vulnerable road users. A vulnerable road user could be a pedestrian, bicyclist or construction worker. Careless driving involving the serious injury of a vulnerable road user will now be a class 1 traffic misdemeanor.

Judges have the authority to order both restitution and a one-year driver’s license suspension to drivers found guilty of striking vulnerable road users. In addition to this, the motorist could be ordered to either perform public service or attend motorist improvement courses. The law gives judges the freedom to impose harsher penalties in an attempt to deter frequent offenders to change their ways.

Car accidents leave victims feeling helpless, especially when their lives are altered forever and the person who caused the crash returns to their way of life quickly. One way to get justice is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the reckless driver; an experienced attorney can discuss a victim’s options with them.



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