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Call on a professional when pursuing workers' compensation

Many injured Denver employees seeking workers' compensation or appealing a denied claim have thoughts along these lines at some point. They may feel as if working with a legal representative means they are being unnecessarily cautious, or even aggressive.

What if an employer retaliates for reporting an OSHA violation?

All too often, unsafe working conditions go unreported. Employees may feel that their employer will retaliate against them if they raise an issue; many have faced punishment ranging from reduced hours or being skipped for a promotion to being denied benefits or even fired. What can Denver workers do when faced with retaliation for trying to prevent a workplace accident or correct a possible OSHA violation on the job?

How does OSHA protect workers while they are on the job?

Every year too many American workers are hurt while doing their jobs. Victims of workplace accidents and incidents reside right here in Colorado, and when their harm is caused by the practices in place at their places of employment those injured workers can pursue financial help through workers' compensation claims.

Why do so many nurses get hurt on the job?

Any Denver resident who has ever spent time in a hospital knows how valuable and important nurses are to the functioning of a medical center. They provide direct care to many patients throughout their shifts, maintaining the courses of treatment prescribed by the patients' doctors and monitoring those under their care for changes in their health and wellness. Nurses are on the front lines of providing ailing individuals with the support they need to improve, and unfortunately, all of that attention often results in injuries and harm to nursing professionals.

Nurses with work-related injuries may have rights to compensation

Individuals who enter the nursing profession often do so out of a desire to help others and serve those who are in need. Many Denver hospitals and doctors' offices are made better by the kind and considerate care offered by the nurses who staff them. Nurses are medical professionals who work long hours and perform difficult tasks so that others may feel better and recuperate from their ailments.

Nurses who use right lifting techniques still can suffer injuries

As we discussed in last week's blog, nurses suffer back injuries at a rate that is much higher than any other occupation. These injuries are extremely debilitating and can mean a nurse is out of work for months or even years. Even with using proper lifting techniques, nurses can still suffer spine injuries requiring them to use workers' compensation insurance.

Nursing staff often suffer injuries

Nurses and other staff are often well-loved people that Denver residents encounter while in the hospital or other care facility. These employees work hard to make sure their patients are well cared for. But, health care workers are also injured on the job at a high rate, suffering from a workplace accident or other serious injury.

What is a 'notice of contest' in CO workers' compensation?

All kinds of workers can get injured on the job. While some occupations may be more inherently dangerous than others, just about every job presents some possibility for injury. For example, one industry that is often not thought of as being particularly dangerous is that of health care. However, the risks of contracting illness or being injured by a patient or equipment is much higher than many people realize. Of course, Denver workers of any type who have been injured do have one place they may be able to turn, and that is workers' compensation insurance.

Colorado worker burned in petroleum well

Many Colorado workers have been injured in a workplace accident. These accidents can be serious and cause a worker's life to be changed forever. Workers' compensation is available for these workers to help them recover from their injuries and get back on their feet.

Have you been injured on the job? Our law firm can help

When Denver residents go to work each day, they expect to come home at the end of the day to their family and friends. Usually, Denver area workplaces are safe with adequate safety precautions. But, occasionally, a workplace accident occurs that severely affects an employee's life.

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