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Is Labor Day weekend a dangerous time to drive?

Over Labor Day weekend, hitting the road becomes a popular option for Colorado residents looking to enjoy picnics, sporting events and many other festivities. All the fun comes with some responsibilities, including being a careful driver. The risks of car crashes increase on three-day weekends.

Three-day weekends and driving dangers

Statistics reveal that Labor Day is the second most dangerous holiday weekend for driving; the three-year fatal crash total shows 1,334 deadly collisions. That number is only nine fewer than the amount logged on Memorial Day. Several reasons could factor into why so many accidents happen.

For one, the roads could be far busier during the holiday weekend than other times. Besides more vehicles on the road, drivers can expect more pedestrians and bicyclists. The added numbers combined with dangerous behavior could make traveling dangerous.

Driving behavior on the road

Festive weekends may involve partying and consuming significant amounts of alcohol. Any time intoxicated drivers take to the road, the risk of car accidents increases. Impaired pedestrians and bicyclists put themselves at risk, too.

Vacationers may find themselves traveling on unfamiliar routes. Drivers who miss turns could make U-turns and other ill-advised, erratic actions, and even one mistake could cause a collision.

Distracted driving may result from drivers playing music to enhance their holiday and road trip experience. Others could carry on conversations with passengers or, worse, text someone while driving. Checking out events on the roadside or looking at signs intended to attract customers might be all that’s necessary for a rear-end collision to occur.

Negligent drivers could be challenging to avoid, leading to potential litigation. Those who aren’t careful over three-day weekends could cause a motor vehicle accident and find themselves the subject of a civil lawsuit.