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4 ways to prevent workplace back injuries

Back injuries are prevalent in the workplace. Many Denver area employees do not realize that their employers are not solely responsible for keeping safe and injury-free while at work; workers must also practice responsible and acceptable behavior while on the job to prevent back injuries.

Back injuries are a significant source of poor work performance, lowered productivity and missed work days. It is likely just as common for people to injure their backs at home as it is while they are at work. Here are a few ways workers can avoid back injuries at work:

Break it up 

Sitting in front of a desk for long periods of time without moving around can damage the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the back and irritate the spinal column, causing varying degrees of pain, discomfort and range of motion limitations. Employees should take frequent breaks that are at least 15 minutes to stretch and change positions.

Use proper lifting practices 

Some workers take shortcuts and violate safety policies by using improper lifting methods, which makes them especially vulnerable to a strained and damaged back. They should never attempt to lift heavy objects alone or without proper safety protocols, and they should take care when lifting. Employees should also avoid performing repetitive motion injuries without resting often. 

Maintain an ergonomically friendly workspace

Many people find they can make their workspaces more comfortable by adding personal accents like photos and office décor. They can enhance their comfort even more by structuring their space so that it provides ergonomic benefits to help protect their backs from injury.

Do not dismiss small back strains and minor aches

It is not uncommon for back injuries to arise from ignored and old back injuries. Sometimes minor aches and pains are a sign of severe trauma and the need for medical treatment. There are also circumstances when developing injuries are present that might not cause immediate back injury symptoms.