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Factors that can lead to dangerous truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

Large commercial vehicles are often seen by Denver drivers as they commute down the city’s highways. Often delivering goods to stores throughout the metropolitan area these trucks stand out due to the massive sizes. Although they operate on the same roads as private vehicles and are subject to many of the same traffic laws, large trucks are very different from the smaller automobiles they encounter each and every day.

As previously discussed on this blog, the huge size of a truck can make it less maneuverable and harder to stop than a small personal vehicle. Adverse weather conditions and the erratic driving of other motorists can force truck drivers to take evasive action that can put others in the path of harm. Distractions, such as cellular phone use and texting, can cause truck drivers to take their attention away from driving and can result in serious and sometimes deadly collisions.

There are other factors that can push truck drivers to their limits, though, and that may contribute to accidents with other vehicles. If a driver is not fully trained to operate a large truck they may be more likely to cause a catastrophic accident. If drivers’ employers incentivize fast deliveries and push drivers to operate even after they are tired, accidents from exhausted driving can result.

The facts of a truck accident should be evaluated by a legal professional to help its victims understand their legal rights. Often when large trucks are involved in vehicle crashes the victims of those incidents can seek their losses through civil litigation based on the negligence of the truck driver, their employer, or others.



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