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Two die in wrong-way accident on Colorado highway

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Car Accidents |

When driving down a Colorado highway or interstate, a driver may see a variety of different signs. There are signs that mark exits off of the roadways, and there are speed limit signs that tell drivers just how fast they may go according to the applicable laws. They may pass signs that tell them how far they must travel in order to reach cities and towns along the way, and they could see signs for restaurants, gas stations and other points of interest.

One important type of sign that drivers must note and follow is signage that denotes what direction drivers may operate their vehicles on the roads. Generally, highways and interstates have multiple lanes that travel in opposite directions, and with numerous on-ramps and off-ramps it is important that drivers are given instructions on where they may safely take their automobiles.

Recently, though, a young woman turned her car onto Highway 287 near Longmont, headed in the wrong direction, and crashed head-on into another vehicle. The 23-year-old woman died in the collision, as did the 55-year-old male driver of the other vehicle. Law enforcement officials are still investigating the matter.

Drivers are responsible for using care when they operate their motor vehicles and for paying attention to their surroundings. Keeping one’s attention on the road is imperative to preventing incidents such as this one; the failure of the female driver to take her car onto the correct side of the highway may have caused this tragic and deadly incident.

Two families are now affected by a devastating wrong-way accident. As they sort out the details of the crash the family of the male victim may find that they have rights to pursue their accident-related losses against the estate of the female driver whose actions may have caused the crash.

Source:, “2 Die In Accident That Shuts Down Highway,” Aug. 11, 2017



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