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Why is whiplash such a common car accident injury?

Vehicle accidents can run the gamut of minor fender benders, to serious collisions that can claim Denver residents’ lives. Even in the most minor collisions, victims may walk away from their incidents feeling sore and tense due in part to the unexpected jolt they receive when their vehicles are hit. One common car accident injury that many people experience is whiplash, and this post will explore why whiplash happens and what symptoms it may present.

Whiplash occurs when a person’s head is thrust forward and backward, causing a cervical sprain or strain. It can present as a stiff neck in an accident victim, or as pain in the neck or back. Whiplash can even cause car accident victims to suffer issues with their memory and concentration, which are serious side effects of this common accident-related ailment.

One of the difficult things about a whiplash injury is that the symptoms discussed above do not always begin immediately after a vehicle collision. In fact, a victim of a car accident may not feel any neck or back pain for several days after the incident only to discover later that he or she had sustained a neck sprain or strain in the collision.

Since car accidents involve impacts, whiplash can happen in many types of accidents. Though they are very common in rear end crashes, many victims may suffer from whiplash after their vehicles are hit from the front or the side as well.

Doctors can prescribe different courses of treatment for whiplash victims to follow in order to heal their bodies, depending upon the severity of their trauma. From medications, to braces, to physical therapy, all forms of treatment can be costly and require accident victims to sustain financial losses just to get back to normal. As such, car accident victims who suffer whiplash can often pursue their damages through personal injury legal claims.