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Are you or a loved one suffering from a brain injury?

Many Denver area residents will be the victim of a car accident at least once in their lives. Car accidents happen every day in the Denver area. Fortunately, most of these accidents are minor, but occasionally a serious auto accident occurs. These accidents can lead to a person suffering a serious injury, including a traumatic brain injury.

A traumatic brain injury is a serious injury to the brain. These can often occur in a car accident when the head is struck forcefully or there is whiplash. Sometimes, a brain injury can be hard to detect right away. The symptoms of a brain injury can include headaches, changing in sleeping patterns, cognitive difficulty, light sensitivity, forgetfulness, changes to personality, and difficulty following directions. These can cause a person’s day-to-day life to become extremely difficult and there are many long-term consequences.

Our law firm has experience in helping families whose loved one is suffering from a traumatic brain injury due to an accident. We understand how complicated these circumstances can be and we work hard on behalf of our clients to help their lives return to as normal as possible. We have experience in working with the most complex personal injury cases and understand what it takes to hold the negligent party responsible for their mistake.

When a family has been affected by a car accident, they may not know what to do. There are many complications that can arise after an accident, including not being able to work and have adverse effects on personal and professional lives. Our law firm understands these challenges and works to help families return to their normal lives as quickly as possible.