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How do pre-existing injuries affect a car accident claim?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2018 | Car Accidents |

One of the most dreaded phrases in the insurance industry is “pre-existing condition.” Fortunately, most people, even with prior medical conditions, still qualify for health insurance under Colorado law.

Most people should know what to do following a traffic collision. However, you may naturally feel worried if you sustained a serious injury from the accident but have a pre-existing medical condition. It is tough to say how a particular auto insurance agency will treat a pre-existing condition, but here are the basics you may want to know.

The insurance agency will most likely ask for past medical records

As an example, say you already suffered from spinal problems. The car accident exacerbated the pre-existing problem. An auto insurance agent may look at your medical record and think the agency should not pay because you already had back problems that may have had nothing to do with the collision.

Therefore, it may be best to have your doctor explain to an insurance representative how any new injuries differ from those you already suffered from. The current medical record needs to show a direct, causal relationship between the car crash and the injury in question. When you see a medical provider, clearly communicate to the doctor you have a pre-existing condition, especially if it is someone who has never treated you previously.

Have an attorney‘s help

Although an insurance company may ask for your medical history, that does not mean the organization needs to see everything. You may want to obtain the services of a car accident lawyer. An attorney can help with matters with insurers, including matters related to medical records, such as what records are required to be disclosed. What happens with insurance issues, including what happens with medical records and issues connected to pre-existing conditions, can have considerable implications for car accident victims. So, having solid guidance regarding such matters can be crucial following a crash.



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