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Amazon warehouses may be dangerous places

On Behalf of | May 26, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Warehouse workers may find their employment rewarding since so many essential goods travel from where they work to those in need of them. Even so, warehouse work comes with many risks and dangers not present in other places of employment. Some Colorado warehouses could be more dangerous than others, and reports suggest Amazon warehouses come with higher injury risks.

Amazon and dangerous working conditions

Injuries at warehouses might be incredibly challenging for management to prevent. Even the safest environment may find workers suffering from sprains and strains due to the cumulative effect of their job. Lifting things can cause back problems, for example. However, the injury rate at Amazon warehouses seems surprising.

Four labor unions comprise the Strategic Organizing Center (SOC), and the entity released findings from a study. The study points out that Amazon employs 33% of warehouse workers in the United States, but its workers suffered 49% of all injuries over the period covered.

Amazon’s management may need to reassess the company’s approach to safety. The high percentage of injuries might lead the company into serious legal jeopardy.

Warehouse work and injuries

Warehouse workers often suffer high injury rates because of the vast number of hazards they face. Warehouse environments leave no shortage of reasons for workers’ compensation claims. Workers could suffer in slip-and-fall accidents or get hit by falling objects.

Warehouses are environments where many vehicles move around. After placing goods onto a forklift, the goods could then travel to loading areas where workers place the items on trucks. Machinery and vehicles might both present accident risks to workers.

Workplace violence and even weather-related dangers could plague a warehouse. Thankfully, workers’ comp benefits might help someone dealing with an unfortunate injury.



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