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2021 proved deadly on the road

Driving comes with risks, and accidents may happen without warning. Sometimes, accidents occur when another Colorado driver commits a moving violation or otherwise disregards others’ safety. In 2021, statistics suggest that a high number of vehicles were involved in fatal vehicle incidents. Perhaps bad habits developed during 2020 played a role in 2021’s horrible outcome.

2021 brought horrible accidents on the road

When someone weaves in and out of lanes, clipping another vehicle increases. Cutting in front of another car might lead to a rear-end collision that causes a multicar pileup. Rapid and unsafe lane changes are not the only bad habits and reckless driving behaviors some embrace. And numerous moving violations increase the chances of an accident.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration revealed that 2021 saw a 10.5% increase in fatalities from 2020. The total number of 2021 fatalities came close to 43,000, which may frighten commuters and pedestrians.

Several reasons likely factor into the increase, but the changes in road conditions from 2020 to 2021 may play a role. Namely, fewer people drove in 2020. Fewer cars on the road may have left some of those who traveled with false confidence with moving violations.

Deadly driving in 2021

Whatever the full reasons for all the fatal accidents in 2021, expect lawsuits to follow if negligence played a role in a crash. Negligent motor vehicle accidents that leave loved ones dead often result in surviving family members taking legal action. Loss of compensation and companionship could support awards for direct losses and punitive damages.

Negligence could involve behaviors that show a wanton disregard for others, such as excessive speeding or driving under the influence, or they may include errors in judgment, including distracted driving or not maintaining the vehicle. Ultimately, a civil lawsuit may follow if someone’s negligence caused an accident.