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What to know about blind spots and car accidents

The rearview mirror in an automobile is specifically designed to give you an optimal view of what’s behind you, and it’s excellent for that. What these mirrors are not great at, however, is capturing your surroundings in the area alongside the vehicle. Drivers in Colorado can avoid collisions by being aware of their blind spots.

Where is the blind spot?

The blind spot is sometimes called the ‘No Zone” when referring to big rigs and is a major cause of car crashes. This is where a driver is unable to see their vehicle’s surroundings with their mirrors or even directly with their own eyes. In most cases, this blind spot is located at the approximate angle at which another vehicle is exactly or almost alongside your own.

What else can cause blind spots?

Another common reason why you may be experiencing blind spots when you drive is the chassis columns that surround the windows and doors obstructing your line of vision. In other situations, the side mirrors may be causing their own blind spots. And top of all this, the blind spot occurs in a slightly different place for each individual depending on how tall the driver is and the build of their vehicle.

The only way to conclusively assess the location of your own personal blind spot in your vehicle is for you to get behind the wheel and test it out for yourself. You can do this in the driveway and then move on to quiet roadways until you’re comfortable in everyday traffic.

Make sure you’re angling your mirrors properly, too. They can’t help you if you don’t help them. Taking the time to adjust both rearview and side mirrors is a simple step that only takes a few seconds and may help you avoid a motor vehicle accident.

The best way for all drivers to protect themselves from car accidents is to expect the unexpected. The sometimes frightening truth is that you never know what the other people operating motor vehicles on the road are going to do, and the only person in traffic who you have control over is yourself. You can take as much control as possible in any driving situation by learning about the limitations of your own spatial awareness when you’re behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.