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What common injuries threaten warehouse workers?

Workers in Colorado warehouses perform many tasks to ensure that the warehouse runs effectively. Loading and unloading many boxes, crates and more become routine, but the workload could lead to injuries. Electrical and repair work might be necessary as well and present a hazard. No matter what work an employee performs, the chance for injuries looms.

Warehouse workers and common injury risks

All those items inside a warehouse have to get there from somewhere. Trucks may transport crates from manufacturing sites, and forklifts could place the items where they belong. Unfortunately, employees working on the premises may suffer injuries from forklifts and vehicle accidents.

Even if vehicles and machinery deliver items safely, a worker could drop a heavy crate and hurt him or herself or another person. Lifting any heavy object might result in a back sprain or worse.

Operating machinery and tools can present risks of injury as well. One momentary lapse of concentration may lead to a trip to the emergency room and a workers’ compensation claim.

Hazards come in many varieties

Not surprisingly, slip-and-fall accidents commonly happen in warehouse settings. Falls from a great height may result in permanent disabilities. While most realize that a warehouse comes with slip-and-fall risks, not so well-known is the danger of hazardous materials. Some warehouses may be home to dangerous chemical substances that could cause burns or respiratory problems.

In addition, warehouse workers who spend much of the day logging data on a computer or with pad and paper may that find their hand becomes numb. Carpal tunnel syndrome may result from repetitive work. Many other muscles may show signs of repetitive injuries and require treatment.

A workers’ compensation claim may help a warehouse worker who suffers an injury and must recover while paying off medical bills. An attorney may assist with filing the initial paperwork and, if necessary, take action on any denials.