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Are there hidden injury risks in office settings?

There are scores of prominent office buildings in Colorado. While the employees in an office setting may not face the same hazards as someone tasked to a warehouse, construction site or health care facility, injury risks are not zero. Being aware of the potential hazards and dangers, both long- and short-term, may help office workers avoid getting hurt. Unfortunately, accidents, mishaps and injuries could still happen, leaving office personnel unable to work.

Being aware of potential office injury risks

An office can be a busy place, which means workers may find themselves temporarily distracted. Distractions may lead to slips, trips and falls. The chances of a tumble increase when cords are spread out on the floor, or people don’t push their chairs back under their desks.

Slippery surfaces also lead to falls. Maybe the floor needs a little work, and a non-skid surface could be an appropriate upgrade. Objects could fall too. Stacking full boxes on top of filing cabinets may save space, but the plan comes with risks. If the objects fall, they could injure someone.

Training employees on the correct use of office equipment may come with injury-preventing benefits. Someone who doesn’t know how to remove jammed paper from a copy machine may get hurt.

Other worker issues to be mindful of

Not all injuries appear right away and unexpectedly. Over time, someone could suffer from the slow onset of physical problems. Managers should consider that when thinking about buying new furniture. Old, stiff furniture could put a strain on someone’s back. An adjustable chair may be a much better choice.

Carpal tunnel syndrome could be an unavoidable problem for many workers who spend the entire day typing. The wrist may start to suffer the results of overwork, and the pain may become intolerable.

Allowing people to come to the office while sick may prove disastrous. A flu outbreak could affect scores of workers, and no one knows if complications may follow.

Office personnel could file a workers’ compensation claim if they suffer an injury or fall ill. The payments may cover some living expenses while they are unable to work. An attorney may assist someone whose claim gets denied. He or she could handle the appeal for a client.