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Common reasons for car accidents

Car accidents can result in serious injury or death, but fortunately, many car accidents are avoidable. Automobile collisions often occur because of poor driving conditions or issues with the vehicles involved. Residents of Colorado and other states should be aware of some of the contributing factors that could lead to this outcome.

Inclement weather

Poor weather is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Weather conditions can restrict visibility, which may make it more difficult for drivers to see the road and avoid hazardous situations. In addition, bad weather can also impact the road conditions and make it more likely that a car will slide on frozen or slippery surfaces. A skilled car accident attorney should know how weather conditions can affect liability in a lawsuit a motorist might file after experiencing a collision.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is another major reason for car accidents. Since drivers cannot keep their eyes completely on the road if they are staring at their phones, texting while driving is a leading cause of collisions. In addition, speaking on a phone without a hands-free device can distract a driver because they cannot keep both hands on the wheel. Sometimes passengers can impact driving by creating distractions inside a vehicle. Drivers should minimize distractions to reduce the risk of causing an accident.

Vehicular issues

Issues with vehicles may also cause car accidents. Broken tail lights can make it more difficult for drivers to see when a car is braking, which can cause a rear-end collision. In addition, broken headlights may make it more difficult for drivers to see the road and avoid hazards. Moreover, broken turn signals can make it more difficult for drivers to communicate with other motorists and avoid problems.

Drunk driving

Drunk driving causes car accidents because drivers cannot make good decisions and maintain control of their vehicle if they are intoxicated. Driving while intoxicated can also create a number of legal issues for a driver who is guilty of this offense.

Of the multiple reasons for automobile accidents, many are the fault of an irresponsible driver who is liable for the consequences. Anyone who is the victim of such circumstances should contact legal counsel to protect their rights.