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Police officer injured on the job in crash with drunk driver

In Colorado, any employment can be dangerous and result in a worker being injured on the job. While those in sedentary and so-called “safe” jobs can be hurt in incidents and accidents, there are certain occupations that are riskier than others. Law enforcement is one. When an officer is out on patrol, investigating various incidents and serving the public, accidents and injuries can occur. While an officer is generally tasked with investigating drivers who are under the influence, they can also be injured in a crash with a drunk driver just as anyone else can. Even if the injuries are initially believed to be minor, that does not mean problems will not arise and lead to the officer needing treatment and being unable to perform the necessary duties. This is when it is wise to think about workers’ compensation benefits.

A 24-year-old man was arrested after crossing over the center line on the road and having a head-on collision with a police cruiser. He is also accused of resisting arrest. According to the investigation, the officer was heading east at around 1:30 a.m. when a Honda that had been going west turned toward the cruiser. There was a vehicle in front of the cruiser and it swerved to avoid the car heading in its direction. The officer turned on the overhead lights and slowed down, but the vehicle hit the police car.

After the crash, the driver tried to drive away. Other officers were called as the officer who was in the accident pulled his weapon to stop the man from fleeing. The man failed to comply with orders from the officer and refused to exit his vehicle. The vehicle was boxed in to prevent the man from escaping. He still refused to comply. After several other attempts, the man was eventually arrested. The officer who was in the cruiser that was hit and handled the situation before reinforcements arrived was injured. He received treatment at the hospital and was released.

Regardless of whether a worker is injured in a way that is obvious with broken bones, cuts, head injuries, spinal cord damage and more or there are injuries that are not initially deemed serious or has psychological damage, issues can arise where the person is unable to work and needs workers’ compensation benefits to recover fully. Cases in which there was an initial diagnosis that did not appear serious can be the most complex as medical issues that take time to manifest could be called into dispute. For anyone who is in a workplace accident, having legal assistance is key. A law firm that understands workers’ compensation claims can help with a case.