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Colorado ranks high in road rage fatalities

Colorado is a favorite state for tourism, and there are activities for every taste. The beautiful state of Colorado tops many “best of” lists.

One federal list topped by the state is not so good. Colorado ranks as the second worst state for road rage fatalities in the United States.

Factors that may lead to road rage

Modern life values speed and aggression in sports and the workplace. A person may spend a stressful day on the job and then arrive home to find a family member drove the SUV over the mailbox. Meanwhile, the steaks on the grill burn during the mailbox argument. The family piles into the car and the stressed driver encounters rush hour traffic on the way to a fast food restaurant. The scene is ripe for road rage.

Road rage can come into play when one driver is irritated and uses his or her vehicle as a threat or weapon. The victimized driver is an unknown factor. Maybe that person carries a concealed weapon. Road rage can be complex. It may involve any combination of personality factors, negative stress at work, heavy traffic patterns, fatigue or drivers under the influence of substance abuse.

Victims of road rage should disengage immediately

When someone cuts other drivers off or taunts them by tapping the brakes to annoy the person behind them, this is not the time to get even. The victimized driver should not gesture or look at the aggressor. The person should exit from the road, dial 911 and follow the dispatcher’s instructions. If the angry aggressor follows, the victim should head directly to the nearest hospital emergency room entrance, fire station or police department if violent behavior seems imminent.

Road rage can cause personal injury and fatalities

A road rage victim deserves compensation for damages. An angry driver can cause psychological damage as well as physical harm to the other driver. Road rage is serious and dangerous.