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3 ways nurses can get injured on the job

Nurses are some of the most important members of the health care system. Every day, they provide essential treatment to patients, help those in need and compassionately care for the ill. This makes it all the more tragic when a nurse is injured on the job and becomes the one who needs treatment. Unfortunately, though, there are many opportunities for this to happen in a health care facility.

The following are three of the most common incidents and injuries that a nurse may experience on the job. It is important to seek medical treatment and pursue workers’ compensation following any such injury.

Strains and sprains from lifting

Nurses lift many heavy objects throughout the day. In addition to lifting equipment and supplies, it is sometimes even necessary to lift patients, and any of these actions can easily cause a strain or sprain. A sprain occurs when ligaments are torn, and a strain happens when muscles are stretched or torn. Both of these injuries can be extremely painful and prevent a nurse from working while recovering.

Back injuries from slipping

Health care facilities are often a hectic environment. Whether you work in an emergency room or a general care practice, there is often a sense of urgency that exists. This means that seemingly minor hazards such as puddles and spills may not always take top priority. When such a hazard causes somebody to slip, though, the results can be terrible. Nurses who are focused on caring for patients may be susceptible to back injuries caused by slip and falls.

Overexertion from repetition

Overexertion is yet another risk facing many nurses in the health care field. According to HealthLine, it is often caused by repetitive motion, and nurses engage in many repetitive motions throughout the day. In addition to the general responsibilities of providing care, nurses must type and document all interactions and treatments with patients. Typing continually can cause an overexertion injury