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3 of the most common workers comp claims

Countless people are injured on the job every day and find themselves faced with two options: report the injury and pursue workers’ compensation or ignore the pain for fear of retaliation. Too many workers choose the latter and regret the decision greatly. Injured workers are legally protected from retaliation and other consequences, and it is your right to receive medical treatment for your injuries.

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, thousands of people in the state alone are injured or become ill due to risks at work. You should watch out for any of the following common injuries, and if you have experienced any of them, consider seeking out legal advice:


For physically demanding jobs, exhaustion is often a given. When exhaustion becomes overexertion, though, it is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Overexertion occurs when too much pressure or strain is put on a person’s muscles. In the workplace, it can often result from repetitive motions, including lifting heavy objects, typing or repeatedly reaching for high places.

Slipping and tripping

It is also common for workers to slip and trip on the job. This is a particularly risky injury, and it can appear to be non-serious at first, yet cause worsening symptoms later. If you have slipped on a liquid or tripped on an object in the way, the fall could easily cause some muscle damage and other injuries. It is essential that you seek medical care before you return to work.

Falling to a lower level

In multi-level workplaces, falling is a serious risk every day. Unsecured railings and other risky conditions can easily place workers at risk of injury. This is a possibility even in single-level workplaces, too. If you climb a ladder or use scaffolding in your workplace, you may be at risk of falling and hurting yourself. It is imperative that you be careful and follow all proper safety precautions.