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Driver runs red light, injures kids in Denver crosswalk

Denver residents rely on first responders in emergencies. Whether fire, police or medical, our city’s emergency response professionals do the best they can to protect public safety. But this doe not mean that average citizens can do their part to help. Recently, one local mother’s immediate reaction may have even saved her children’s lives after an auto accident.

The accident occurred on a weeknight as the family, a mother in her late thirties and two children, one age 4 and the other just one year old, were crossing an intersection in Denver. A car ran a red light and entered the intersection, hitting all three pedestrians. The children were both underneath the car and nonresponsive when it stopped.

Yelling for help, the mother was able to run to her children and drag them out from beneath the car. A bystander helped her revive the four-year-old child before emergency personnel arrived and rushed them both to the hospital. The older child was found to have suffered serious injuries, including head trauma. The younger of the two remarkably suffered only minor injuries.

There are times when a quick response after an accident can make a major difference, perhaps even saving lives. But for the survivors, the story doesn’t necessarily end there. Pain and suffering may persist. Serious injuries can take time, even years, to heal, during which time medical expenses and other costs can threaten a family’s financial security.

Seeking compensation from a negligent driver through a personal injury suit is an important strategy for a family to protect themselves during the recovery and rehabilitation process after an accident. A legal professional can help families understand what they may be entitled to and what to expect during the process.

Source: The Denver Channel, “Witness: Mother rescues kids from underneath car after crash in Denver,” Robert Garrison, March 21, 2018