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2 main reasons to never take cash after a car accident

Car accidents appear to be on the rise in Colorado. To combat this increase, the state’s Department of Transportation gave $3.5 million to various nonprofit organizations in 2017 to inform the public of risky behaviors, such as drunk driving, that can increase the chances of being in a crash.

If you ever find yourself involved in a crash, you want to make sure you go through the proper channels to ensure your insurance agency pays for your car’s repairs and any medical bills you acquire. Some people find themselves in a situation where a crash is obviously the fault of the other driver, and that driver offers cash at the scene to not get the police involved. Even if the other driver offers you several thousand dollars, you never want to accept it for these two main reasons.

1. You cannot determine the extent of your vehicle’s damage

A fender bender may not appear to cause a lot of damage. Perhaps there is only a ding in your bumper you need to buff out. However, at the scene, you cannot see if there is any hidden damage. For example, a relatively minor crash can still mess up your car’s suspension system, and you may not realize something is wrong until you drive around a tight corner. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may cost over $1,500 to repair your suspension, so you are better off having your insurance pay for it.

2. You do not know if you sustained significant injuries

It is difficult to tell whether you have any injuries directly after a car crash. You may be in such a state of shock that you do not realize your back hurts. It is for this reason anyone involved in an auto accident should see a doctor shortly after the incident. Your medical bills can escalate out of control, and the $1,000 the other driver offers you may not cover it. No matter how much the other driver pleads with you to make a deal, you need to think about your own well-being.